UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g
UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g

UMF™5+ New Zealand Premium Manuka Honey 1000g

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UMF™5+ MGO 83mg/kg 1000g Premium Manuka Honey

SKU UMF5100083
UMF™ Level / Quality 5+
Methylglyoxal content (MGO) 83mg/kg
Weight 1000g


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ORIGIN: Clearly detectable origin from the honeycomb to the filled and packaged glass; supported by our expressive certificates from New Zealand.

COST: The lean cost structure of our small company allows us, to supply this rare good at competitive prices to our consumers.

FOCUS: We are limited to a very manageable and small product range in order to ensure deliveries of goods in TOP QUALITY.

PRODUCTION / SUPPLY: Our entire product range is produced, prepared and packaged under the cleanest conditions. We import and transport our tasty Manunka Honey from New Zealand to Europe and out to the consumers by various means of transportation.

AUTHENTICITY:  Each glas is printed with an EAN bar code, a best-before date and a batch code. The certificates shown here serve as an example and to illustrate this quality, which has been certified by ANALYTICA and UNIQUE MANUKA FACTOR HONEY ASSOCIATION. You can find information about both companies in the links:

We are working on making the German version of the certificates available to you and displaying it here.

Please note that the respective methylglyoxal (MGO) contents in your product may differ; however, we always guarantee the minimum amount stated.

PACKAGING: Any type of sales packaging has its "Pro’s and Con’s". Our honey is packaged and filled in recycled and recycleable PET jars. Plasticizers such as BPA, BPS and PVC do NOT occur here. Due to the lower weight, compared to a glass packaging, less CO2 emissions are generated during transportation.


This great Manuka Honey, affordable and price entry item, in already high quality of the BeeNZ MANUKA HONEY can be consumed in various ways. First and foremost, it is ideally suited as a spread and also for the regular intake spoon by spoon. It is a distinctive and delightful honey for the home.

On the basis of the laboratory tests carried out in New Zealand, this honey has a certified methylglyoxal amount of at least 83mg/kg when it is collected at our factory. Accordingly, this Manuka Honey is categorized as UMF™5+. Our honey was extracted from the nectar of the native Manuka trees in secluded and unspoiled areas of New Zealand, far from any civilization. BeeNZ products are all batch-by-batch controlled.

On this product page you will find the corresponding certificates.



Our MANUKA HONEY is a mono-floral honey. This means that the honey was obtained exclusively from the flowers of the Manuka plant.

We pack and fill our honey in our small factory and only praise Manuka honeys with a methylglyoxal (also abbreviated MGO) content of 83mg/kg as MANUKA HONEY, which is proven by certified institutes.

This MGO content varies greatly, depending on its grade, maturity and occurrence. The MGO degree determined and quantified by the UMFHA ( is divided into different values ​​as shown in the table below. The higher the MGO content found in laboratory tests, the higher the UMF™ number.

We offer Manuka Honey from UMF™5+ to UMF™20+ and on request, the very very rare UMF™29+ version!

UMF™ 5+ 10+ 15+ 18+ 0+
MGO* 83 263 514 696 829  

* MGO or Methylglyoxal in mg/kg


3 in 1 certificate of IANZ accredited institute in New Zealand


UMFHA certified issued for / on BeeNZ


Declaration of conformity issued by the manufacturer BeeNZ

Mandatory information

🍯 Content: Manuka Honey

🍯 Country of origin: New Zealand

🍯 Filling quantity: 1000g

🍯 Storage: Store honey dry, protected from light and heat.

🍯 Caution: Honey should not be given to children below the age of 12 months.

🍯 Manufacturer: BeeNZ Ltd., Tetley Road, Katikati 3178, New Zealand. 

🍯 Sales and import: aii GmbH & Co. KG, Pomona 10, 41464 Neuss

🍯 Certificates: The information of our certificates from New Zealand vary from lot to lot.


Nutritional information per 100g

Calories (kJ/kcal) 1390/332
Fat 0,9g
- of which saturated fatty acids 0,2g
Carbohydrates 81g
- of which sugar 71g
Protein 0,9g
Salt 0,01g


Methylglyoxal (MGO) 0,083g


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